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There are a number of competition classes, catering for a wide variety of vehicles. The 2018 classes are:

Classic Cars 1975 to 1984
Classic Cars 1985 to 1997
Motorcycles 1975 to 1997
Rolls-Royce & Bentleys (of any age),
Replica or Kit cars (of any age)
Pre 1997 registered Tractors
Pre-1975 registered vehicles
Military vehicles (of any age)
Novelty Vehicle (pedal car/ classic bicycle, soapbox racing car, etc)

Veteran and Vintage Cars up to 1930
Post Vintage Cars 1931 to 1939
Post War Cars 1940 to 1960
Post War Cars 1961 to 1976
Motorcycles up to 1976
Commercial Vehicles up to 1976
American Vehicles up to 1976
Military Vehicles of any age

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We would like to thank these organisations for their continued support. They play a big part in the success of our event, enabling us to help a wide variety of charities and good causes