2022 Vintage Weekend vehicle classes


A Classic Cars 1976 to 1985
B Classic Cars 1986 to 2001
C Classic Motorcycles 1976 to 2001
D Rolls Royce & Bentleys (of any age)
Sponsored by  Charnock Bates
E Replica or Kit Cars (of any age)
F Military Vehicles (of any age)
G Pre 2001 Registered Tractors
H Pre 1976 Registered Vehicles
J Pre 2001 Non Fossil Fuelled Vehicles


M Veteran and Vintage Cars up to 1930
N Post Vintage Cars 1931 to 1939
P Post War Cars 1940 to 1964
Q Post War Cars 1965 to 1976
R Motorcycles up to 1976
T Commercial Vehicles up to 1976
U American Vehicles up to 1976
W Military Vehicles of any age